Our core competence is our service

We divided our services into three categories such as export, import and ship chandler & supplier.

Our main business practice is in the range of ship’s equipment supply and export. Most of the products we collect from ship because Chittagong is one of the world’s largest ships breaking yard. Every month demolishing many vessels in Chittagong, which is a great source of collecting spare and second-hand, ship machineries & equipment’s. We also import different kind of marine equipment’s to supply into vessels in Chittagong port.

We supply and export all kind of ship machineries & equipment’s including Engine & Engine spares, Generator set & spares, Separator, Air Compressor, Turbocharger, Hydraulic Pump & Motor, Navigation & communication equipment, life boat & spare parts, copper, brass & stainless steel etc.

 Our Mission

Integral services are export world wide all kind of marine machineries & equipment’s, and supply provisions & services to ships arriving at Chittagong port, guaranteeing satisfaction, security and low prices.

Our Vision

Our main purpose is to achieve a secure and reliable supply channel into shipping industries.